Bosco (Bonded with Buzzy)

Predominant Color:
5 months
Hair Length:
Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
Eye Color:
Ok with Children:
Ok with Dogs:
Special Needs:

Bosco and his brother Buzzy are the quintessential kittens; all they do is play, eat, use the litterbox, get some loving, and sleep. They have all the energy and love the fact that the lounge is big so they can zoom from one end to the other while bouncing up and down the cat towers. They are the sweetest little boys who, from the second you start petting them burst out in purrs. Both brothers were born with stubby tails, one shorter than the other, so you can tell them apart.

They love to snuggle and Bosco is the leader. He is very self confident, especially when it comes to feeding time. His little snoot is constantly dirty because he puts it in between the wet food and the plate! He has perfect litterbox manners, just like his brother. They do not have a favorite toy, unless you want to count all the toys. They LOVE chasing each other into and out of the tunnels on the floor.

These little guys will be perfect for any family! They don’t mind a chaotic environment, they play with the kids and adults alike, they love the other cats, and we are confident that they will be happy to share your love with a dog. Because they are still pretty young, we do recommend that families with Littles make sure they supervise playtime closely. They will need a cat tower (or two) so they can get away from grabby little hands.

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