Ime (May)

Predominant Color:
1 year
Hair Length:
Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
Eye Color:
Ok with Children:
Ok with Dogs:
Special Needs:

Ime came to us after she gave birth to a bunch of little kittens at her foster’s house. Her babies came to us a few weeks earlier and some are still at the lounge. Ime has decided that her mom duties are over and done with and it is her time to shine.

Ime is the most even keeled and relaxed cat we have seen in a while. She is very pretty but didn’t let that go to her head. She doesn’t mind the chaos in the lounge with all the younger cats zooming around (she is a mom after all). She just sists and waits to be noticed. Once you start petting her, she will roll over for you. She is steady and calm.

She will play but she lets the other cats go first. Because she is so calm, we think that she will be a wonderful friend for someone who works from home, who is retired, or in a care facility. She could be an only as long as there is someone in the house. She would also be a great buddy for an older cat who has lost their friend. Ime would also be a great cat to have around a young child as long as the child is properly supervised of course. Her calmness would help teach a child how to be a good cat buddy; how to pet, how to love them, and when to give them some time by themselves. She is all around perfect!!!

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