Thora (Bonded with Kiki)

Predominant Color:
3 years
Hair Length:
Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
Eye Color:
Ok with Children:
Ok with Dogs:
Special Needs:

Sweet Thora has been looking for her furever home for a while now. She came to us with her brothers after her owner passed away and the family abandoned them outside. We don’t know exactly what happened but we think that Thora has been mistreated. When she arrived, Thora was just terrified. When we would reach for her, her would try to make herself as small as possible or run. Thora would lay in a cat bed facing the wall in the quiet room, trying to shut out the world. It took us a long, long time before she trusted us and we could touch her. Luckily Thora is food motivated so treats were a way to get her to trust us. She has come so far!

Then Kiki and her brothers arrived at the lounge. Unlike her brothers, Kiki was not happy to be with us. She was scared and hid in the quiet room where Thora was. Then one day we noticed that Kiki was laying on top of Thora and Thora was holding her. Up until that moment we had thought that Thora needed to be an only! As time went by, Thora and Kiki would snuggle in the beds in the quiet room where they were very content. Thora would groom Kiki and Kiki would groom Thora which is a HUGE indicator that they were bonding!

In time, Kiki became Thora’s security blanket and Thora became like a mom to Kiki. We updated the board and now they are one of the bonded pairs at the lounge. Kiki has ventured out into the lounge and she now lets people pet her. Thora comes out when it is quiet and lets us pet her. Both are a little overwhelmed by the noisiness of the lounge. The LOVE people though and when visitors go into the quiet room, both Thora and Kiki offer their bellies for pets! This means that there is a lot of trust in us humans!

Because of their past, we think Thora and Kiki would do well in a quiet home where there are no children. They would love a sunny window where they can look out into the world while being safe. They need someone who is willing to give them some time to relax and feel at home. Because they let us scratch their bellies, we just know that once they feel safe, they will be the most loyal and loving cats you can imagine!

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