Kiki (Bonded with Thora)

Predominant Color:
1 year
Hair Length:
Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
Eye Color:
Ok with Children:
Ok with Dogs:
Special Needs:

Sweet Kiki has been with us for a while. She arrived with her two brothers who were outgoing and friendly. Kiki was very shy and withdrawn. She spent most of her time on top of a cabinet in the quiet room. She was just so, so scared. We tried to work with her but she would not budge. Thora was in the backroom also. We think that she was abused at some point in her past because if you reached for her, she would try to disappear.

One day we walked by the quiet room and Kiki was laying on top of Thora and Thora was SO content! That was the beginning of their amazing friendship. They are constantly together – Thora will hold Kiki down while she grooms her and Kiki is over-the-moon happy to have a “mama” who makes her feel safe.

Now, during the day, Kiki is in the main lounge! She stays on the sides when we are busy but she is definitely coming out of her shell. She still pulls back a little bit but she lets our guests pet her. Thora follows Kiki into the lounge and when we come in in the morning, she is still there. They are each other’s security blanket.

Because of their past, we think that Kiki and Thora will thrive in a quiet household, best without children. Their energy is just too much for them! They need an experienced cat lover who is willing to let them come around at their own pace. We think that as long as these two lovies are together, they will come around. Both of them already roll over and let us pet their bellies. They are loyal and loving. All they want is a sunny spot in a window so they can safely look at the world next to you…

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