Predominant Color:
1 year
Hair Length:
Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
Eye Color:
Ok with Children:
Ok with Dogs:
Special Needs:

Halsey came to the rescue with a horrible leg injury. After the amazing people at Harmony Hill fixed her leg, Halsey spent her recovery time with Saffron and the two of them became the best of friends. Both Halsey and Saffron were so overwhelmed when they first arrived at the lounge that they hid in one of the tunnels. It took a while but eventually they came out of their shells and they have figured out that humans provide an unending supply of love and play time.


Other than arriving at the lounge with the bottom half of her body shaved (which might be why she was hiding so much), you can't even tell that Halsey had such a bad injury. She can run like the dickens and she goes up a cat tower so fast! Halsey will rub all over your legs when you pet her and Saffron throws herself on the floor and shows off her belly when she gets attention. We think both of them will stay fairly small too which only adds to their charm.


When the lounge is busy, it is hard to see that Halsey and Saffron are bonded but, after hours, when they eat, they eat next to each other, when they walk together, their tails are intertwined, and they have the cutest habit of rubbing their noses together. It is very obvious that these two girls need to be adopted together! 

Halsey and Saffron need a quieter home with kids over 7 who will allow them some time of their own when they need it. They would LOVE to have a soft spot in a sunny window where they can watch the squirrels and birds, and where they can snuggle together!

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