Our history

About Patriot Pawsabilities

Patriot Pawsabilities, lovingly referred to as P2, is the brainchild of Monique (Mo) Ryan, a 20-year retired Army warrant officer who has always been an avid animal lover. Consisting of the Main Lounge and the Kitten Room, P2’s goal is to have a lively, home-type environment where up to 25 cats and 15 kittens roam, cage free, and where guests can come to relax, study, take part of craft classes, enjoy movie nights, and fall in love with our cats. Ultimately we hope that our sweet cats and kittens steal your heart and you take them home to their furrever home!

With the exception of our Wounded Warriors, all of the cats in the lounge are available for adoption and ready to go to their furrever home with you! We partner with two local rescues for our kittens and adults. All of our cats have tested negative for FIV/FELV, are up to date on vaccines, and are spayed/neutered. Cats are also microchipped.

What Makes Us Unique

It's Happy Here!

If you have ever been to an adoption event you surely remember seeing all of the cages with cats and dogs. Most of the cats at these events are just so, so scared! How are you supposed to know which one of these cats is going to be a perfect addition to your family? Well, this is exactly why you should visit us!

We're a safe space

It was important for us to be located very close to George Mason University because, with two kids heading to college ourselves, we know many kids deal with loneliness and anxiety being away from family and their pets back home. We offer a safe space to study, attend one of our many crafting events, or just hang out with friends. So please, come and visit our cats and kittens!”

Get your cat fix

Whether you're looking for a new feline companion, or just need a bit of zen - we offer a place where you can bond with a loving kitty for an hour or a lifetime.

Recharge Here

Sometimes you just need to get away - whether to study, read, or simply to find your zen. We offer all that and purrs too!

Cats! Need we say more?

At the lounge all of our cats live cage free and this allows you to interact with all of our cats so when you fall in love, you can be sure that your choice is the right fit for your family. After all, cats can easily live 20 years! In addition to facilitating adoptions, we also offer an amazing space for anyone who is dealing with stress in their life. Cats are amazing therapists! There is actual scientific evidence that the purring of a cat reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and it helps people cope with illness too.

It's good for your brain!

Science has shown that being with cats makes you smarter. (At least, we think he was a scientist - he looked smart, so who are we to argue?!)